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Volunteering | Seabird Rescue 

From the 15th of October to the 15th of November we will be at the marina and port of Vila Franca do Campo saving juvenile Cory's Shearwaters. 

Sign up as a volunteer and come save Cory's shearwaters with us!

Come save Cory's shearwaters!

CORY'S SHEARWATER: an iconic seabird of the Azores!
The Cory's shearwater (Calonectris borealis) or cagarro in Portuguese is a seabird that returns to the Azores archipelago to breed every year. About 75% of its world population breeds here! Thus, our actions become particularly relevant for the success of this species!
In October-November, the grown-up chicks start to leave the nests, on their first flights into the sea. However, due to their inexperience and high sensitivity to light, these young cagarros are attracted and blinded by the excess of artificial lights of our streets, buildings and harbours near the sea. Because of that, they become disoriented and fall onshore at night, vulnerable to many dangers!

RESCUING BRIGADES: Cory's shearwaters need your help in Vila Franca do Campo!
The Seabird Rescue Brigades patrol critical areas during the night to find and collect the fallen cory's shearwaters.

When disoriented, cory´s shearwaters may crash against obstacles and become unable to successfully take off again. By rescuing them, we prevent them from remaining on the streets and roads, injured and/or vulnerable to predators or run overs by cars. On the next morning, they are released again so they can safely return to sea and continue their journey.

The marina/harbour of Vila Franca do Campo is one of the most critical points in São Miguel Island. Last year alone, around 900 cory's shearwater were rescued here!
By participating in this campaign, you are saving seabirds that otherwise could never reach the sea, and thus contributing for the sucess of this species so that it can continue to visit our archipelago! You may also assist to ringing sessions of the rescued cagarros and if you sing up we can provide a certificate of participation

The Campaign 'SOS Cagarro' is an initiative coordinated by the Regional Directorate for Maritime Policies of the Government of Azores, in partnership with the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change and the Environmental Services and Natural Parks of the Islands, with which SPEA is associated with the support of the Naval Club of Vila Franca do Campo.


LIGHT POLLUTION: turn off the lights to save a seabird!
The main reason for this big number of seabird falls, is light pollution.

Thus, don't forget to switch off the lights of your house during this critical period, whenever possible, especially outdoors!

By decreasing light pollution, we are reducing our impact on these vulnerable birds and all biodiversity.

To learn more on light pollution you can follow SPEA's work through the projects INTERREG MAC EELABS 'Energy Efficiency Laboratories' and LIFE Natura@night. We are studying the impacts of light pollution on biodiversity and looking for solutions to reduce its impact.

cagarro calonectris borealis
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