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Help us to contInuE our work in conservation and environmental education

Become a member !

By becoming a member of SPEA, you are contributing to a cause:

- We defend birds and wildlife, we participate to their conservation and we try to counter threats that they face every day.

- We are a Non-Profit Organization and also non-governmental, that is why all of our actions depend on funding, donations and membership dues.

- Our members are not only ornithologists or biologists, but ordinary people united by the desire to keep birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

To become a member of the SPEA is to be part of a group that wants to make a change


© Ana Mendonça


By contributing, you are supporting the conservation of the Priolo and the educational program of the Interpretation Center of Priolo.

SPEA Açores

NIB 0033 0000 4545 7597 4260 5

IBAN PT50 0033 0000 4545 7597 4260 5


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