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Contest | How many Priolos are there in the world?

The priolo ( Pyrrhula murina ) was once the most endangered bird in Europe. This plump black-cap bird can only be found on the island of São Miguel in the Azores. And even there, it only exists in the municipalities of Nordeste and Povoação, in Terras do Priolo.

Thanks to the joint efforts of SPEA and the Regional Government of the Azores for more than 15 years, the population of priolos has increased dramatically, from a worrying 400 to over 900. According to the censuses that SPEA carries out annually, the population has remained stable in recent years.


It is very easy to participate in this competition, just give your guess!


Whoever has the closest guess at the 2021 Priolo population estimate wins:

1st Prize: Priolo T-shirt (choice of available sizes and colors)
2nd Prize: Book of Priolo
3rd Prize: Pin do Priolo

Check the regulation and don't forget to participate!

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